• Q&A with Nidhi Sanghrajka, Canine Behaviourist

    Is your pup a fussy eater? Or are you having trouble getting Fido to walk without dragging you along the sidewalk? Or is your canine buddy gotten very aggressive recently? What do you do? Well, if you live in Ahmedabad, then the Go-To person is most definitely Nidhi Sanghrajka. After doing a certification course under […]

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    November 8, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Chronicles of a pet parent: coping with tick fever

    Stuffing our faces full of a good meal and then lounging around on the couch watching TV. This is an ideal Sunday afternoon in our household. So keeping this tradition alive is what we were doing when my younger boy suddenly gets up and starts wheezing. He sneezes a couple of times and the white […]

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    October 26, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Tick Fever: is your pet infected?

    Responsible pet parents take great efforts to ensure that their fur babies are happy and healthy. We keep track of vaccination records and deworming dates and if anything seems out of sorts we immediately rush them to the vet. We keep a track of their eating habits. And it may seem strange to a passerby […]

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    October 7, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • 5 simple ways to ensure a happy dog at home when you’re away

    Worried about leaving your pet home alone? Read on to know how you can enable your pet to have a more enjoyable time when you’re not there. Ever wondered what little Oreo is up to when you’re away at work? The key to helping your pet cope at ‘home alone’ is to first ensure that […]

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    October 2, 2017 By Ruchika Anand
  • Quick travel checklist for you and your pets

    We all look forward to our vacations, whether it is a week long idyllic sojourn, or a quick weekend getaway. And what better way to spend your little break than with your furry best friend? It’s becoming easier to party with your pup now a days on account of the fact that so many hotels […]

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    September 24, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Pet-friendly accommodations in India – I

    Travelling with your beloved four-legged companion isn’t the hassle it used to be years ago. These days, so many establishments are eager to cater to not just our needs, but the needs of our pets as well. While homestays are the most accepted option with most pet parents, more and more hotels are also keen […]

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    September 21, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • International air travel with your pet: what to expect

    Travelling by air with your pet has been a cause for worry for many pet parents. However, with an increase in the number of people who travel with their pets, airlines and airport authorities have become all the more accommodating. So pet parents, there is no need to worry! The policies and regulations related to […]

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    September 20, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Domestic air travel with your pet: What to expect

    Air travel with pets has always been an issue of debate among pet parents. Some have had good experiences and are totally for it while others, unfortunately have had a bad time. While travelling by road as well as by train are the easier as well as the cheaper options, there might be certain unavoidable […]

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    September 20, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Bonding with your new kitten

    Getting home a new pet is one of the happiest feelings ever. Those tiny steps make everlasting marks on our hearts. Now that you’ve become pet parents your responsibility has increased manifolds. Not scaring you, just making you aware that being a pet parent is nothing less than a full time job. Cats have a […]

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    September 5, 2017 By Kritika Manchanda
  • DIY toys you can make for your pet

    A thrashed toy kitty. Few more steps and a shredded ball is lying in one corner; the one that was all new and shiny on the shelf of the toy shop just yesterday. Time to scold Fido? Maybe not. No matter how many toys you get your dog, he is bound to tear it apart. […]

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    September 3, 2017 By Ruchika Anand
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