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Adopting a new pet

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet!


Adopting a pet can be an intimidating process, so we at PetsApp have a few guidelines to help you navigate the exciting journey from animal enthusiast to pet parent. If you’re anything like us, resisting a tiny furry face or an eagerly wagging tail is almost impossible. However before you become a pet’s human, here are a few things to consider:

  • Adopt, don’t shop! There are so many unwanted animals that deserve caring homes. Not only will you save a life, but will also get an extremely grateful pet. Added bonus – fighting inhumane ‘factory style’ breeding facilities.
  • Listen, we have all fallen in ‘love at first sight’ with a squirming puppy or a mischievous kitten, but adopting a pet on a whim is a bad idea! Do your research first and remember that getting an animal is a very long commitment.
  • It is also important to find a pet that matches your life style and living situation. Figure out what size, age, and energy level pet is most appropriate for you. For example, sometimes adopting an older animal can be less demanding.
  • Make sure you have the right living arrangements for the pet you choose; some animals are energetic and need space, while others need a calm environment. Also please confirm that you don’t have housing-related policies that could prevent you from bringing home your new family member.
  • If you already have a pet at home, it is sometimes a good idea to foster the pet you would like to adopt in the future to make sure both animals get along. While sometimes one meeting might be enough to ensure they can coexist, some animals take a little bit longer to warm up to a new sibling.
  • It is also essential to make sure you have the time to take care of your new pet. Most animals, be it a cat, dog, gerbil, parakeet etc., need daily attention, feeding, exercise and care. Some animals, such as dogs, require more companionship than more self-sufficient pets such as cats. Dividing duties amongst family members and house staff can make taking on the responsibility of a new pet easier.
  • Pets can be expensive – even the smallest of animals. Licenses, training classes, spaying and neutering, veterinary care, grooming, toys, food, kitty litter, and other expenses add up quickly. Be sure to budget for your new family member.

The most gratifying feeling in the world is providing an abandoned animal with a forever home.  We wish you lots of luck as on this rewarding journey of becoming your new pet’s human.



By Anjali Thomas

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  • Boston

    February 18, 2017 at 6:04 am

    A proivcatvoe insight! Just what we need!

    1. petsapp

      February 23, 2017 at 9:36 am

      Thank you for appreciating our article. This something a lot of people struggle with as they want pets but are unsure on how to look after them.

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