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Tips to prevent losing your dog

Tips to Prevent Losing Your Dog

Our dogs are not just our pets; they are our companions and friends, and at times, our saviours. However, the role of a saviour here is mutual.  It’s a very big world, and dogs love to explore. Therefore, chances of dogs getting lost or getting into the evil hands of dognappers is quite high. While our pet protects us most of the times, they  also need protection and safety from us. Irrespective of whether your dog is young or has been with you for quite a few years, here are a few tips that will help you in preventing your dog from getting out of your sight and home.

  1. Keep an eye on him always:

Dogs are like babies; the moment you take your eyes off them, they might get all naughty and try to do things that might hurt them. For example, you might be thinking that your dog is out in your backyard playing, but he might actually be climbing out of the fence or playing on the street. Therefore, always know where your dog is. Also, make sure that you keep an eye on him even when he is not near you. If at all you are out for work or busy with guests, have your other family members watch him or keep him in an environment, where he can play and have fun without hurting himself or leaving the house.

  1. Keep your fences and windows high:

Generally, dogs try to climb over fences, windows, etc. Therefore, you need to keep those high and out of reach. Especially if your dog often plays in the backyard, you must make fences as high as possible for your dog. Also, another great idea is to make a play den for your dog in your backyard or inside your house. Instead of a kennel that can sometimes be cramped , build a play den where they have more space to move around and be at ease.

  1. Add contact details to the neck tag:

Make it easy for you as well as others to identify your dog with your phone number, name, and address collar tag at all times. Make sure that the tag collars are neither loose nor tight. Loose collars may fall off over time, and the tighter ones will make your dog choke. Therefore, buy collars that are secure as well as comfortable on your dog’s neck. Also, time and again, change these collars as they tend to wear off due to usage.

  1. Invest in a good leash:

If you own a dog, then you must own a leash. While it may look like your dogs have restricted access with the leashes, the reality is that leashes are the best option to secure your dog yet give him the required freedom in public places. While buying a leash, buy ones that are soft of both yourself as well as your dog’s skin. Also, buy adjustable length leashes that will allow you to decide on the length depending on your situation. For example, if you are in an open park, you can open the leash to its maximum; it will allow your dog to play around with comfort. On the other hand, when you are walking your dog on the streets, keep the leash smaller and handy.

  1. Microchip your dog:

Even though the concept of microchipping a dog is not so popular in India, it helps in saving essential information about the dog & the owner, and helps in identifying the pet when it goes missing. It only helps in saving the medical history and other key details about the dog, but also creates a legal bond with the owner, who can be identified and reunited when the chip is scanned. However, we recommend you to check with your vet about the microchipping procedures and the risks that are to be factored in, when it comes to special cases.


  1. Download and use pet-care apps:

These days people use their mobiles to search anything and everything. Pet-care apps like PetsApp helps you to not only be a part of the pet-loving community, but will also help you to arrange a play date for your pets, adopt pets, and maintain your petbook. Apart from these, with the option of Lost & Found, you can be sure that your lost dog will be searched and reunited with you. Furthermore, the app gives you a lot of tips and tricks related to pet care.

Some of the other tips are to teach your dog the “come-and-stay” command, reward him when he finds you in a peekaboo game, etc. What are some of the tips that you follow to keep your dog secure and comfortable? Share those with us.

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    1. petsapp

      February 23, 2017 at 9:38 am

      Thank you. Do keep reading our blog for useful information on pets and pet parenting.

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