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New Year resolutions: learn from your pet

2017. Another year is upon us. A new start and a fresh beginning. And as it is every year, we all have our list of New Year’s resolutions ready! As pet parents who adore their four-legged babies, why not incorporate them into this list. Our dogs teach us valuable life lessons every day, without us even realising it!


As the age-old saying goes – no one can be as loyal as a dog! Dogs stick with their pack – canine and/or human. We should all strive to apply this to our own “pack”. Being a loyal and dependable friend, child, sibling or partner will only help strengthen and nurture the relationships we already have.

Never too old to play

Dogs are up for some playtime, anytime!! If you need proof of this just show them a tennis ball or a frisbee. So in this New Year, let’s learn from them. It does not matter how old or how young you are. Life is too short. So get out there and have some fun!

Material things don’t matter

So you get your kid a brand new toy – all squeaky and shiny. And all they want to do is play with the plastic or the cardboard box it came in! We all have also marvelled over how an old sock can start a tug of war that only ends when that sock is completely destroyed! How does it matter to a dog how much a toy costs? Isn’t it all about the fun they can have with it? Without a single materialistic bone in their bodies, they teach us to enjoy the simple things in life.

Take long walks

Any household with a four-legged kid is well aware of the implications of saying “Let’s go”! It is generally met with a wagging tail and a mad dash to the front door. It is a proven fact that dogs help us live longer. Now whether your beloved fur ball loves a sedate, peaceful walk or they enjoy dragging your face along the sidewalk, it all counts as exercise. So this year, take longer walks with your baby. They will love you even more for it. Not to mention all the benefits you will get from it.

Get enough rest

Let sleeping dogs lie. And join them while you are at it. They are the masters of snooze! There is nothing more comforting than having your pooch snuggle up next to you to catch a few, well-deserved winks! We all live busy, hectic lives. So needless to say, some rest and relaxation is the need of the day.

Always stretch when you rise

All dogs, when awaking from slumber, spend a few minutes stretching. This helps them loosen out stiff muscles and shake off all the sleep. Not to forget, stretching also gets their blood circulation going again. Well, we like to think that doggies definitely influenced some yoga gurus somewhere! After all, who hasn’t heard of “the downward-facing dog”?

Love without condition

No one in the world can greet you the way your dog does when you get home. You may have been away for a few hours or just a few minutes. That does not make a difference to the way your dog greets you – like you are the best thing in the world for them! It is pure and unconditional love. Something worth striving for.

Trust your instincts

All dogs are instinctive by nature. If they come across a situation or a person that seems amiss to them, what do they do? They raise their hackles! And then they growl “back off”. It is a simple and straightforward philosophy. If something does not feel right, then we should trust our instincts first.

So try something new with your best bud this year. Those happy grins and waggy tails will be your reward! We are eager to know how you plan to spend this New Year with your pooch. So please leave your comments below and share with us.

Happy pet parenting!

By Crazy Dog Lady

mother to two crazy labrador boys….writer, entrepreneur and nuts about all things dogs.

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  • Revathi kasturi

    January 9, 2017 at 6:55 am

    Lovely thoughts. Agree with you totally. We can learn a lot form our pets.

    1. petsapp

      January 13, 2017 at 5:39 am

      Thank you Revathi. Yes, we just want to reach to people and let them know that they can involve their pets in their basic daily activities and plans. Do let us know if there are any specific articles you would like us to write about as well.

      1. Lissa

        February 18, 2017 at 6:32 am

        Ya learn sotmiheng new everyday. It’s true I guess!

    2. Summer

      February 18, 2017 at 7:09 am

      I love the pictures!!! You are such a BEAUTIFUL family and your phtahgropoer has captured that beauty and love in all of your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

      1. petsapp

        February 23, 2017 at 9:16 am

        Thank you Summer. We just thought of personalising the posts a bit to let the community know how we love our pets and want to help others with information on their. Do keep reading our blogs and if you are on the India playstore you can download our App as well.

  • Kristy

    February 18, 2017 at 5:28 am

    It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exreptise answers. Thanks!

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