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Pet Parenting Hacks and Home Remedies

Life with your beloved pet is an endless source of fun and adventure.  And then again there are a few difficult days you have to deal with. So we thought we could put together a list of hacks that can make your life as well as the life of your baby, easier. So go on ahead and take a look. Please also send us your suggestions and ideas! Happy pet parenting!

# 1

When it comes to giving them medicine (especially pills), how often do you chase your dog or cat around the house? Pill pockets will make your life easier! Just mix one tbsp. of milk with I tbsp. of peanut butter and 2 tbsp. of wheat flour. You can also add cheese if you like. Make small pill pickets and store in the fridge.


Take a plastic bottle and wrap it with an old sock for a simple DIY toy. Your pup will go bonkers!


During those hot, unbearable summer days, you can keep your pet entertained for hours with this simple trick! In a large cake mould, add some chicken broth and bones and freeze it. You can also add your pet’s favourite toys to it. And just sit back and watch them go at it!


Another hack is to make a cut in the side of a tennis ball and squeeze their favourite treats inside. Watch the fun and make sure you send us a video!


Do you keep your pet’s food and water bowls outdoors and are bothered by ants? Then use chalk and make an outline around the bowls to keep ants away.


Your pup’s paws tend to get the most wear and tear. So periodically, to prevent them from getting too rough and cracking as a result, apply a generous quantity of Vaseline on them. This is especially useful during winter times or of you live in a particularly cold area. But please also remember to wipe off any excess Vaseline. After all, they stay cool through their paws!


Mint and coriander/parsley are natural breath fresheners. Sprinkling these on their food will prevent bad breath. If your furry baby does not let you brush their teeth, putting some of their toothpaste (toothpaste made for cats and dogs only please) on their rubber or rope chew toys is a great alternative.


Is your furry baby especially furry? The result being that everything has a layer of hair and you spend a decent part of your week vacuuming it up. Rubber gloves come to the rescue here! Wet the rubber gloves to wipe up all that clingy hair from your sofas and carpets.


If your pet is suffering from diarrhoea then a combination of chicken broth and rice can do wonders for their system. If, on the other hand, they are constipated, cooked pumpkin is a great at-home remedy.


If your furball is especially excitable and full of energy, you will need to tire them out. One tried and tested trick is to play fetch with them downhill! They will have to climb up the incline to get to you! Result: one tired puppy!


Nail trimming is always tricky! So if by accident, you cut their nails too short, use a combination of corn starch and water to get the bleeding under control. If you don’t have corn starch, you can use flour or baking soda as well.  


Do you have a young pup or kitten that goes on a destructive spree? Are wires and power cords their preferred victims? Spray some diluted neem oil or bitter apple juice to discourage this behaviour.

By Crazy Dog Lady

mother to two crazy labrador boys….writer, entrepreneur and nuts about all things dogs.

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