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Make holi fun yet safe for your pets: Quick tips


The festival of colours is back, and with it, your worries for your beloved pet are back too. Of course, it is justified, considering pets can be harmed owing to various reasons on Holi.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways in which you can ensure safety and fun, both for you and your pet this Holi. Here’s how:

Colours are a big no but nobody said that about water

Colours are harmful for your pets because they contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin and fur damage. Moreover, pets tend to lick themselves and this can be hazardous to their health. So it is best that you refrain from putting any colour on them at all. However, you can have as much fun with water as you want to! This is the safest way to include your cutie pie in the festivities.

Say no to sweets but a big yes to pet treats

Sweets are harmful for pets and you can’t feed them the delectable gujiyas and laddoos. You wish they could devour these sweets and enjoy as much as you do. Don’t be disheartened. You can buy special pet treats for them! On an occasion where everyone is enjoying a lavish spread, your pet can have his/her own little treat corner. This will not leave you feeling guilty and will be a great way to make your pet a part of the celebrations.

Keep your pet indoors

The whole atmosphere outside will scare your cuddle bun and it is better that your pet celebrates this festival at home. If you wish to visit your friends, fret not. Why not call them home instead? They will certainly understand your commitment to keep your pet safe.

You could even find a play date for your pet on PetsApp for Holi. It will be great if friends or people in your area who are in the same boat as you can connect to bring your pets together in a safe way! This way, you can enjoy with your friends, while your pet gets company too.

Say no to water balloons

Water balloons are not a good idea if you own a pet. They can be hazardous to its health so it is better to stick to just water and colours. You should ensure that the colours you use for playing Holi with your friends are organic so that if at all, the colour does accidentally end up on your pet or it end up licking it, it causes no harm.

Keep a vet on your emergency contact list

It is always better to be ready for any mishaps that may occur despite being careful. If you see any signs of illnesses or allergies in your pet on the day of Holi, you can always contact your vet immediately.

Why should only you have all the fun on Holi? The festival of colours is beautiful and your pets need to enjoy it as much. Once you keep these points in mind, you can leave all your worries behind.

Have a happy and safe Holi!

By Ruchika Anand

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