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Nutty yet funny things your pets get up to

Summary: These unbelievably funny and crazy dog habits will immediately ring a bell. Read about the 10 things dogs do that are laughable and annoying at the same time.

Dogs drive us nuts in two ways. Their cuteness can drive us nuts and so can their really odd and unexplained behaviour sometimes that gets us all flustered. Although these habits make for a really hilarious sight, we can’t help but go all crazy. The moment you read these, you’re going to ‘gasp’ and go all ‘Hey, my pet does that too!’ Here it goes.

Let me chew your furniture

How many times have you entered your living room and screamed ‘DOWN BOY’? No point. The scars on your wooden furniture have now been etched. Get ready to chase Mojo around the house for this!

Let me rip those doormats apart

Mojo thinks you don’t need doormats. Nope. Dirtying the house is so much fun. Why should anybody be wiping their feet? You don’t agree and he better be prepared for a good scolding. Where is he though? Good luck finding him after this!

I like to steal veggies from the kitchen

You stepped out of your kitchen to attend nature’s call and when you’re back those carrots and potatoes are missing. Don’t rub your eyes yet. You DID take them out and even cleaned them but if you look around a little bit, a piece of carrot under the sofa and a strewn potato on the couch is staring back at you. Think it is time to look for Mojo again? Look for a pair of eyes under the bed please.

I feel cold but my winter coat needs a good rip

Your dog is full of contradictions. Feeling cold? So, poochie get into this warm winter coat. And after a while you see some kind of vengeance brewing between the two, with Mojo trying to rip apart the coat while he’s still wearing it. Any guesses on who wins the battle?… Mojo is certainly in for some trouble now!!!

Sofas and cushions? More rip- rip-rip

Nails and teeth are what I have and I shall use them on anything that comes in my way. Special items of joy? Cushions and sofas. Dig deeper, rip it apart. Be on the run. Be found and be shouted at. Next day. Repeat.

Let me hide your socks for you

Why is Mojo fascinated with all things smelly? Socks are his number one obsession, and all this while you were wondering why those pairs break up with their partners and embrace singlehood!

I love pulling out those shoe soles

This soul-to-sole connection surely baffles you. All things smelly. Remember?

  1. Let me help you with some dusting please

Leaving everything, even his food, Mojo comes and snatches that dusting cloth from you. Don’t even think about taking another one as he will want that too and another and another. Sigh!

Scratch the walls and lick off the cement

He thinks he is a nutritionist and that licking cement boosts calcium in his body. No Mojo. Absolutely not! My walls are not your food… So, stop ruining them!

I like to thrash all my toys

They’re meant to be played with, isn’t it? No. They are meant to be ripped apart and destroyed. Period.

These are some of the really ‘nutty’ habits of most dogs. You can share these weird habits of your dog in Pet Connect on PetsApp…. and even better, read about the experiences and see pictures of other pet owners there!

But one thing’s for sure… Funny or crazy, dogs are certainly the most loveable ‘weirdos’ on planet earth! So, Mojo, even after all this, gets away with it all!…

By Ruchika Anand

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