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How to give your dog enough exercise indoors

When the sun is shining bright and summers have arrived, your dog can feel dehydrated. Besides taking the right measures to keep your pooch hydrated, you also need to ensure that they get enough activity. Your canine friend needs to get regular exercise despite it being hot outside and the solution is simple. Let the fun begin indoors! Here is how you can do that.

Up and down the stairs we go

This is undoubtedly the best and the easiest indoor exercise for your dog. The steps offer a great challenge, engaging various muscles in your dog’s body. This one is an overall exercise that focuses on the entire body at once.

You can throw a toy down the stairs while you are at the top and watch your pooch go for it! Call him/her back up once the toy is in their mouth. Repeat this activity a number of times till your pet is tired and ready to take some rest.

Tricky treats

Hide treats in remote corners of the house instead of giving it to your pet in their bowl. Under the rug, sofa or tables place all the yummy snacks. Let your pet search for them all day long. You could also place treats inside their favourite toys and watch them get busy finding all of them.

Let him/her use your treadmill

Keeping your treadmill on the slowest speed, place her on the treadmill and offer treats. Before doing this, make sure that your pet is used to the sound of the machine and is comfortable doing this exercise.

Once exposed to the treadmill enough, your pooch will be pretty confident using it. You could have her on leash but don’t ever tie the leash to the treadmill. Increase the speed gradually once she is completely comfortable with this routine.

Some seriously chewy treats

Chewing bones and toys is a serious business for dogs. They spend a lot of energy in the process and eventually get tired. These chewy treats are particularly good for dogs that bark a lot since they work on the jaw muscles tiring them out completely.

There is no need to take your pooch in the scorching heat just to get them a fair amount of exercise when it can be done in the comfort and coolness of your home. These indoor exercises are great to keep your dog active all through the summer season ensuring that she doesn’t gain unnecessary weight or become lethargic over a period of time.

You could also look up more such tips on PetsApp or even find an exercising partner for your pet! Get in touch with other pet owners in the neighbourhood and make it an exercise session for all the pets out there. Let her have some good company while she/he stays indoors this summer and ‘plexcersises’ (plays+exercises) to their heart’s content!

By Ruchika Anand

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