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Chronicles of a pet mom and her parenting adventures


Lively, quirky and with their own unique personalities, our pets most certainly add some colour to our lives. This is especially true for brand new pet parents! Life as it was pretty much changes overnight as the new fellow slowly starts adapting you to their system (however much you want to believe that you are training them to adapt to your lifestyle.. it’s the other way around!).

  • You might as well put that alarm clock in storage because your new four-legged one will take over. Welcome to early morning greetings.. mostly with wagging bums and slobbery kisses. Most dogs seem to have in-built clocks that tell time very accurately. Whether it is time for a walk or time for food, you new doggie will make sure you do it right on time.
  • Speaking of early mornings, you might as well resign yourself to the fact that the mere idea of sleeping in will now be a distant and fond memory. Sundays, rainy days, chilly winter mornings or generally any occasion when you crave those extra few winks….. well you can forget it. Pyjama clad, sleepy-eyed pet parents, being dragged behind a leash are a common sight in the mornings.
  • Get ready to share your bed because no matter how many dog beds you buy, your pooch is going to jump in and snuggle up in bed with you. And if you have multiple pooches, well then go and buy yourself another mattress to sleep on. Don’t also forget to look at the bright side. Warm, fuzzy dogs make the best pillows during those cold winter nights.
  • Picking up a leash, wearing shoes or mistakenly uttering “lets go” generally involves a mad dash to the door. So does the ringing of a door bell. Now if the person on the other side of the door is brave, they will still be there when you open the door. If yours is a household with multiple dogs, then it’s a good guess that most delivery men or courier men will refuse to enter.
  • Any food accidently dropped on the floor will be immediately gobbled up! Your new pooch will also serve as an excellent vacuum cleaner. There will also be a pair of eyes following every food-related move you make. Might as well get used to that. Gone are the days when you can leave your socks lying on the floor. Best to invest in a sturdy shoe rack that has doors you can keep tightly closed. Any plastic or paper that accidently falls on the floor will also be immediately torn to shreds. Your pooch will also help you recycle better.. by chewing up and flattening out empty plastic bottles.
  • Dog hair will most likely be a part of your décor, no matter how fastidious your cleaning efforts are. Just accept it as being a part of your life. It will make its presence known on your carpets, foot mats, furniture, in your car. Speaking of décor, it is also very likely that toys of all shapes and sizes will be strewn around the house. In the rainy season especially, your car might take on a distinct “aroma”. If people refuse to sit in your car, don’t take it personally. It’s your own unique perfume! Their issue if they don’t like it.
  • Jingling of the car keys will ensue an extra-mad dash to the door. It is very likely as well that your pooch will make herself/himself comfortable right next to you – on the pillion seat. Don’t forget to put their seatbelt on in this case!
  • Pigeons, squirrels and even an occasional leaf that blows with the air will be treated like mortal enemies. So you will be used to bouts of mad barking and chasing. Not that this is bound to happen only in the day. In fact most such dangerous attacks are known to happen in the wee hours of the night.

So pet parents, brace yourselves for these new adventures! It’s definitely going to be a memorable journey. Just make sure you take plenty of pictures! Happy pet parenting!

By Crazy Dog Lady

mother to two crazy labrador boys….writer, entrepreneur and nuts about all things dogs.

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