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DIY toys you can make for your pet

A thrashed toy kitty. Few more steps and a shredded ball is lying in one corner; the one that was all new and shiny on the shelf of the toy shop just yesterday. Time to scold Fido? Maybe not. No matter how many toys you get your dog, he is bound to tear it apart. Dogs love doing that and that’s how they define ‘play’. If you’re digging out money from your wallet more than you should, there is an amazing solution to this. Let’s see some Do-It-Yourself toys that you can make at home again and again and again.

  1. Knot that hand towel

No need to use a new one. You can put your tattered old towels to use here. Just tie a big knot in the centre and toss it in front of Fido. He will go ballistic and you’ll wonder why you never thought of this before. Thank us later.

  1. Ball in the sock

No not your eyes. We are literally talking about putting an old ball into a sock. Tie a knot on the top. Voila! You’re ready to roll it on the floor. Enjoy the sight of Fido going gaga over this ball.

  1. Water bottle in a sock

Another sock DIY because dogs simple love socks, especially if the socks are old and smelly! So, if you are looking to get rid of your old pair, halt right there. Pick one from the pair, shove a small bottle in it, tie a knot at the open end and present it to Fido. The result? He will go nuts playing with it for hours on end. Why? Dogs love the smelly sock and they love the noises a plastic bottle makes when crushed around. You’re welcome.

  1. Tennis ball treats

No, you don’t have to feed the ball to Fido. All you have to do is, slit the ball open, stuff it with some dog treats and it’s done! He will run around the house with this one and keep trying until he has emptied the ball of all the remnants. What a way to have a good play and eat time, isn’t it?

  1. Rope through the tennis ball

Tennis ball at it again! Drill two holes on the opposing ends of the tennis ball. Ensure that these holes are big enough for the rope to pass through. After passing the rope through both the holes, tie knots at both the ends in order to keep the ball in place. You can toss it around or even play tug-of-war with your canine friend! They love chewing ropes and playing with balls. So, this is a great toy with double the fun.

As you can see, you can ditch all fancy toys that cost you a bomb because your dog will anyway not let them last a long time. DIYs are the best thing to do. You can get super innovative with new ideas every week. Fido will enjoy new toys and games while you save those bucks. Not a bad deal, eh? Two is a company so when you are busy, you can always look for a play date for Fido on PetsApp. Pet owners around your neighbourhood, dealing with similar ‘new toy woes’, will be more than happy to buddy-up their dogs with yours. A DIY in time, saves nine, is it?


33 Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House

By Ruchika Anand

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