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Bonding with your new kitten

Getting home a new pet is one of the happiest feelings ever. Those tiny steps make everlasting marks on our hearts. Now that you’ve become pet parents your responsibility has increased manifolds. Not scaring you, just making you aware that being a pet parent is nothing less than a full time job.

Cats have a reputation of being aloof and solitary creatures. But that’s not true. They enjoy socializing and crave for human companionship, maybe a tad bit lesser than dogs.

Read on to find some tips that would help you a long way in bonding with a new kitten.

  1. Make them feel safe

Set up a small area of the house for the kitten with a litter box, comfortable bedding, food and water bowls. You want the kitten to feel safe and happy with you, so go an extra mile to make sure everything is in place.

Try to keep them indoors for the first two weeks. Let them sniff around and explore the new place, but only under your supervision. Slowly you’ll see that they would choose some of their favorite spots like near the window or under your bed.

  1. Given them time

I know it is irresistible to cuddle up or pick the kitten in your arms. But go slow. Their temperament is different from that of dogs, and most cats don’t like to be held or cuddled for long period of time.

Give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and new home. This might take a few hours or a few days.

  1. Sleeping arrangements

You are the best judge to decide whether or not your kitten sleeps in your bed. If you don’t want to share your bed with the kitten, then make sure they have a comfortable bed in a cool noise-free corner of the home.

  1. Be gentle

Gentleness is the key to making a strong bond with your pet. The initial touch and petting makes a huge difference.

If you have kids at home, tell them to be affable with their new feline friend. Don’t leave the kitten alone with the kids, as it can hurt them.

  1. Strengthen the bond while feeding

Fixing meal times is important, and you’ll see that your kitten will soon adapt to the timings. Bonding with your kitten at the time of feeding works very well. The idea is to make meal time fun, do this by talking to them or lightly petting them.

There are so many kinds of pet foods available in the market that narrowing down to one can be difficult. Talk to your vet for the best advice.

  1. Play time

Kittens are highly active and love playing around. It would be a great idea to get some kitten toys for them. Play games and spend time bonding with them. Physical activity and play sessions are great for their physical as well as mental development.

Treat your kitten with chew bones or dry kibble after the play session and let them relax.

Hope you found these tips useful and make the most of them. Give your little one some time and space and he’ll surely start to feel at home. And of course, the extra dose of love and care is always the salmon on the cake!

By Kritika Manchanda

Kritika Manchanda is a well known columnist for a famous pet magazine and the author of a fiction novel – ‘December Breeze’. In addition to being a lifestyle and travel blogger, she is an ardent reader and a crazy dog girl!

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