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Pet-friendly accommodations in India – I

Travelling with your beloved four-legged companion isn’t the hassle it used to be years ago. These days, so many establishments are eager to cater to not just our needs, but the needs of our pets as well. While homestays are the most accepted option with most pet parents, more and more hotels are also keen to accommodate furry (well, the four-legged kind) guests. Let’s take a look at a few.

The Tree of Life Resorts

Whether you choose a Tree of Life Resort in Jaipur, Udaipur or Rishikesh, rest content that your pet will be greeted with just as much enthusiasm as you will. The owner of this chain of luxury hotels is an ardent animal lover. In fact, they don’t even charge you extra for your pet(s) unless you ask for meals for them. Your pooch is welcome to explore the entire property and they can even take a dip in the pool! A few house rules apply, such as keeping your pet leashed in common areas. But any pet parent will be happy to comply with that. Owing to the fact that these hotels are located in popular tourist areas, why not take your furry baby along with you the next time?

The Hoka

Nestled in the tiny island of Diu, the Hoka is definitely the most pet friendly hotel there. They are a small hotel, but that doesn’t deter them from providing you with the best stay experience. They have separate rooms with small gardens on the ground floor for guests with pets. Your pets are even made welcome in the common dining area of the hotel. In fact, the chefs there will go out of their way to make mouth-watering meals for your four-legged companions. Affordably priced and with no extra charges for pets, the Hoka definitely tops the list of pet friendly hotels in Diu.

Ratan Villas

Most people who live in Gujarat and Rajasthan have most probably made a short trip to Mount Abu. Known for its lush, green landscapes, it is definitely a favourite tourist spot that side of the country. There are several homestays as well as hotels that allow pets in Mount Abu. Ratan Villas is one of those that tops the list. Situated almost at the top of the mountain, this is one of those resorts that has always welcomed four-legged guests. In fact, they have several of their own who are happy and friendly and love to mingle with both two-legged as well as four-legged guests. Your pet can wander without any restraint on the hotel property. Their only advice is that you keep your pets leashed or indoors after sunset. This is due to the fact that bears love to pay Ratan Villas a visit at night. If you so wish, they even organise a hike in the mountains for you and your pet(s). One of their doggies will always be around to co-guide you on the trail.

The Karjat Heritage Resort

With the motto “Every pet deserves a vacation too”, there couldn’t be a better place to chill with your pet(s). Situated approximately an hour and a half from Mumbai, this resort boasts a 2 acre area that offers complete relaxation as well as a chance to enjoy the lush, green surroundings. With the additional 24-hour check in facility, as well as the fact that they welcome and accommodate all sizes and manners of pets, the Karjat Heritage Resort is an ideal weekend getaway.

Casa Cottage

Burrowed in the heart of Bangalore, yet away from the chaos of the city, Casa Cottages are the perfect getaway for you and your fur baby. Run by an Indo-French couple, they truly give new meaning to the word “hospitality”. You can choose to stay in one of their cottages or the service apartments. Pets are welcomed with open arms and no effort is spared in making your stay a pleasant one. The best part about this establishment is that it is right in the middle of the city so you have easy access to all the sights and sounds of Bangalore.

Capsicum/Whistling Meadows

Part of the Whistling Meadows Resort in Ahmedabad, Capsicum is the go-to place for all pet lovers,  within the city, as well as from all over the country. This restaurant/hotel has been welcoming pet lovers and their companions for years. Furry four-legged family members are welcome in their outdoor dining area. The resort welcomes all types of pets. All you need to do is inform them in advance as to how many pets you plan to bring with you.

Marriott Suites

Ranked highest on the list of pet friendly hotels in Pune, the Marriot Suites truly deserves its standing. Located right within Koregaon Park, this hotel gives you access to the best nightlife in the city. Not forgetting to mention that they welcome your pets with just as much, if not more enthusiasm as they welcome you. The food offered is yummy and the chefs will go out of their way to prepare something scrumptious for your four-legged companions.

The Taj

All Taj hotels and resorts all over India have pet friendly establishments. Whether you want to enjoy the beaches or you want to live high up in the mountains, you can most definitely take your pet(s) along with you. Their high standards of food as well as lodging are well known all over India as well as the world. From personalised meals to yummy treats, your fur babies might end up enjoying a more pampered vacation than you!

So don’t hesitate. Book a place for yourself and your furry companion! We would love to add to this list, so please tell us about pet friendly hotels you have visited with your baby. Happy pet parenting!

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