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5 simple ways to ensure a happy dog at home when you’re away

Worried about leaving your pet home alone? Read on to know how you can enable your pet to have a more enjoyable time when you’re not there.

Ever wondered what little Oreo is up to when you’re away at work? The key to helping your pet cope at ‘home alone’ is to first ensure that he is happy with the idea. Here are some simple and effective ways to keep your dog entertained while you are gone.

  • Exercise or walk your pet before you leave

It is a good idea to tire your dog a bit. It usually means they will be calmer when you are away at work. The most common reason why dogs face destructive behavior problems is because they have not expended their energy enough. The more your pet is using his energy through training and exercise, the lesser the chances of him turning destructive when you are away. While every dog has different exercise needs, a 30-minute walk may suffice for most breeds.

  • Introduce a new toy

If exercise is not possible in the morning hours, there are several kinds of toys available to keep your dog occupied. Some of these toys also help enhance the problem-solving skills of the dog and helps improve cognition.

Dogs love interesting distractions. A new toy can create some excitement and keep your pooch engaged when he is alone. A chew toy that can’t be torn apart when you’re gone is ideal. It’ll also ensure you don’t walk in to see a ripped cushion, with its stuffing strewn all over! J

After a couple of days, put one toy away to be used again later and replace it with a new one. There are also treat dispensing toys available that can be a fun activity for your pet. The treat toy will lure your dog to be active and the rewards will enforce good behavior when you are away.

  • Use video and sound media

Playing some pleasant music or leaving the TV on will ensure your doesn’t dog feel like he is alone in the house. You can choose from several options ranging from soothing classical music to playing some “for dogs only” videos.

  • Don’t make it a big deal

Extended goodbyes and hellos can make your dog feels anxious and nervous. To keep your dog calm, just walk out like you’ll be back soon. When you come back, ignore your pet for a few minutes. Treating your going away and returning like no great deal will make him think so to.

  • Create a comfortable napping place

It’s but natural that your dog will want to snooze for the better part of the day when you’re gone. So, make sure you set up a comfortable place for your precious furball to relax.

Most pet owners are concerned about their pets when they leave for work, but with some care and effort, you can keep your dog doing great while you’re away. Don’t forget to use PetsApp every once in a while to find a playdate for your little poochie, so he too can have some fun while you are away!

By Ruchika Anand

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