• Pet Parenting Hacks and Home Remedies

    Life with your beloved pet is an endless source of fun and adventure.  And then again there are a few difficult days you have to deal with. So we thought we could put together a list of hacks that can make your life as well as the life of your baby, easier. So go on […]

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    March 7, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • How to handle aggression in dogs

    Dogs are god sent angels who help us humans realize the true meaning of loyalty and companionship. But they too can get aggressive at times! Fret not. Follow these tips and tricks to get your pooch back from monster mode. Your cuddle bun is a living being and living beings go through different moods. Your […]

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    February 24, 2017 By Ruchika Anand
  • Obesity in Cats

    Owing to an erratic lifestyle and lack of physical activity, obesity in cats has become common. If your kitty is gaining weight, it is a matter of concern. Obesity is the root cause of various illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension etc. It’s a slow poison which reduces life expectancy. It is like that unwanted guest, […]

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    February 23, 2017 By Kritika Manchanda
  • Easy homemade pet treats

    As pet parents go, we all are guilty of indulging our babies. Whether you go to your local pet shop, or you avail of online offers, there is a tremendous variety of options available these days – from toys to accessories to treats. With toys and accessories, we will generally need to buy them, but […]

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    January 20, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • CPR for dogs: Let’s always be prepared

    As devoted pet parents, we take all kinds of efforts to ensure that our babies are healthy and happy. We take care of their diet, their exercise and their over-all well-being. So isn’t it important for us to be prepared if there ever is an emergency? Sometimes getting access to a vet may take time […]

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    January 13, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Have a heart: help your pet to a healthy heart

    The world would be a happier place if we all had hearts of dogs. Showering lots of love, forgiving easily, and holding no grudges, that’s what dogs teach us. But just like you take care of the health of your heart, it is essential to take care of your pooch’s heart health as well. There […]

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    January 13, 2017 By Kritika Manchanda
  • Spaying and neutering your pet

    The concepts of spaying and neutering have come a long way in the field of animal care. Many pet parents used to be of the opinion that it was cruel and unnatural to get their pets “fixed”. Many also thought that every pet, if female, should have one litter at the least and if male, […]

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    January 12, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • New Year resolutions: learn from your pet

    2017. Another year is upon us. A new start and a fresh beginning. And as it is every year, we all have our list of New Year’s resolutions ready! As pet parents who adore their four-legged babies, why not incorporate them into this list. Our dogs teach us valuable life lessons every day, without us […]

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    January 8, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

    A condition that primarily affects large and giant breeds of dogs, hip dysplasia is shockingly widespread these days. Genetics, along with other predominant factors, can be pointed out as the causes of this disease. Research has also proved that rapid growth in dogs, especially puppies, between the ages of three and ten months, can increase […]

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    January 4, 2017 By crazydoglady
  • Diabetes in dogs

    Just like humans, dogs can also get affected by diabetes. It is treatable, so you need not panic. Today we are going to discuss all about diabetes in dogs, from what causes it, signs and symptoms to lookout for, and cure and prevention. Causes Diabetes in dogs can be caused either because of lack of […]

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    December 21, 2016 By Kritika Manchanda